June 2016 or How I'm Digitally Torn / by Max DeGenova

Why am I here?

Last December I made the decision to delete my Facebook account. I had had the account for eight years and it had become a preposterous amalgamation of my life from middle school to the present. It was ugly, and I was disappointed with how zombie-like my use of it had become. So I deleted it. 

I spent the next five months "off the grid." I lifted my head away from a screen, I got reading done, I saw the world around me, and I thought. It was refreshing. Aside from missing out on the occasional event invite, life off of Facebook was the same, if not better.

Then I went to a few filmmaker networking events and realized that having a phone number isn't enough anymore. To have an internet presence is paramount, lest we hope our ex-classmates still have our phone numbers when a position opens up on set. I was handed business cards on those days and all of them had all of the appropriate social handles and portfolios. Mine had an e-mail address.

I wanted to do it right. I wanted to hand out a business card with everything that was necessary. So I got the new e-mail address; I rejoined Facebook personally and professionally; I joined Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn; and I created this website. Today not only did I launch what you're looking at but I also ordered those business cards.

I'm a professional.

Aren't I?

Is a professional not someone who works? Is the internet not distracting? In my time away from social media did I not produce my latest short film? Am I not putting off writing the script that's in my head right now? Is there not little time in the day to begin with? Is staying connected working or is it just a substitute?

It's 10pm and I spent another day not writing. But I'm a professional, aren't I?